How To Install Tiddlywiki On Node.js

1. Install Node.js

$ sudo apt-get install nodejs

2. Install Tiddlywiki

$ sudo npm install -g tiddlywiki

ERRORS & SOLUTIONS: when using the command above, if you get an error similar to “sudo: npm: command not found” then install npm with the code below and then install Tiddlywiki again (npm is supposed to be installed with nodejs but in my case it wasn't):

$ sudo apt-get install npm

then to manually create a symbolic link from nodejs to node,

$ sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

After installing Tiddlywiki, you should see a line of code similar to below with the current version:

/usr/local/bin/tiddlywiki -> /usr/local/lib/node_modules/tiddlywiki/tiddlywiki.js
└── [email protected]

You can also check the Tiddlywiki version later like this:

$ tiddlywiki --version

3. Create a folder for a new wiki that includes server-related components

$ tiddlywiki mynewwiki --init server

the output will look something like:

Copied edition 'server' to mynewwiki

4. Start Tiddlywiki

$ tiddlywiki mynewwiki --server

Visit in your browser and you should be able to create and edit tiddlers

Optionally, make an offline copy:

click the save changes button in the sidebar, OR

$ tiddlywiki --build index

Upgrading Tiddlywiki on Node.js

$ sudo npm update -g tiddlywiki


One thought on “How To Install Tiddlywiki On Node.js

  1. This worked for me. Mostly. The –server is now –listen. I didn’t need to create the symbolic link. I’m running it on a raspberry pi and it’s working pretty good. Much appreciated.

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